Remote Support

This is a per incident remote IT support service, no commitment just a simple request, when you need just one support ticket answered then this is for you.

For clients that would prefer to use a ‘pay as you use’ remote IT support service. You create a ticket, we answer your request and remotely control your system where we carry out the required works.

This is a single payment for a single incident report ticket. You report the issue, we answer the ticket and remotely repair the issue.

By the nature of remote repair there will be times were it is not possible to repair your fault without being in our service centre or onsite, though every effort will be made to resolve your issue remotely. On these rare occasions we offer alternative support options.

On Site Service

If a problem cannot be resolved by using remote support, or through the telephone, we can send out a technician to help resolve your IT issues.

No need to unplug and move your system which could cause additional problems and finally the ability to thoroughly test your system and peripherals before we leave.

Our on site IT Support will give your business peace of mind that your IT support issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.